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  • Gunung Agung Pesangkan Bali I Nengah Subadra
  • Purification of Barong at Masceti Beach, Gianyar Regency, Bali
  • Nusa Penida Island, the sister island of Bali
  • Tomato Farm nearby Batur Lake, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali
  • Mount Agung - the highest mountain in Bali, captured from Pesangkan Village, Karangasem Regency

Balinese Tourism Scholars

There have been an increase of Balinese tourism scholar number since the last one decade as the time goes by and open chances of scholarships offered to gain knowledge on tourism studies locally in Indonesia or internationally across the globe. The following Balinese tourism scholars are the ones who have international reputations.



Professor I Nyoman Darma Putra

Professor Darma Putra is a principal lecturer at University of Udayana and the Head of Postgraduate Programme for Tourism Studies of Udayana University. He has published a number of articles on international journals and books that widely read by other tourism scholars over the world. Some of his works listed below:

1.Pariwisata Berbasis Masyarakat Model Bali 2016

2. Tourism, Development and Terrorism in Bali that published in 2012




Professor I Gde Pitana

Professor Pitana is a lecturer at University of Udayana. He currently works for Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta. 





Dr I Nengah Subadra


Dr Subadra is a principal lecturer at Tourism Institute of Triatma Jaya and also at the Faculty of Tourism of University of Udayana, Denpasar Bali especially at the Study Program of Master of Tourism. Additionally, he also teaches particular lecture on Tri Hita Karana - a Hindu Balinese Philosophy that served as basis of cultural tourism development in Bali at the Stenden University Bali. 


Dr I Nengah Subadra has published some tourism articles as listed and can be easily downloaded through the given link below:


Exploring the roles of vocational higher educations in creating competent graduates: evidence from Tourism Institute of Triatma Jaya

Pura Tanah Lot: konflik di obyek dan daya tarik wisata global 


Agrotourism Wahana Pelestarian Alam dan Budaya serta Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Lokal Studi Kasus di Bagus Agro Pelaga




Other interesting articles written by Dr I Nengah Subadra can be found HERE





Other scholars will be updated as soon as possible




Foreign researchers writing about Bali's cultural tourism


There have been dozens of researchers who have published about cultural tourism in Bali. They have contributed a lot introducing Bali as a cultural tourism destination that attracting more and more international tourists over the last two decades.  






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