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Nyepi Day in Bali

By I Nengah Subadra

Bali, 26 March 2017


Nyepi or Silence Day to Hindus in Bali has become an integral part of thier tradition that has been practised by Balinese people living across the island for years. Nyepi Day is actually the new year of Caka - a Balinese Calender adapted from  India that consists of 30 days each month which welcomed with a full day of silence. There are a sets of rituals in relation to this particular Hindu's Great Day.



Sequences of Nyepi Day Celebration



Nyepi day is started with a Melasti Rite which normally conducted two or three days prior to the Nyepi Day. Melasti is mainly aimed at purification for human body and soul and also sacred goods of Hindus that symbolises the manifestation of the almighty God "Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa".


On Melasti days, millions of Hindus will go to the nearest water sources to do purification rite. Hindus residing near by the coastal zones will prefer to commit purification rituals along the beach. Meanwhile for those who live away from the sea shore, they will most likely to do it in the lakes or rivers.


The Melasti ritual begin when the sacred goods of Hindus set into the designated place near by the sea or lake where a number of offering made from young coconut leaves, flowers, fruit and cakes are also seated around the holy stuffs. The Hindu priests begin to lead the rite which followed by live performance of traditional Balinese Gamelan which make the rite sounds very religiously. It takes about two hours for the priests to conduct the rite; which then continued with mass prayers participated by villagers attending the rite.


To Hindus in Bali, water can symbolicly clense impurity may exist within the human bodies. Worshippers will take some holi water home to purify their sacred belongings at home and also to purify the housing compunds that might have been tainted or infected by negative spirits that liable to bother the occupants.


On Melasti days will be the best day for tourists to gaze at authentic cultural attractions: rituals, dances, parades and Balinese Gamelan which set naturally without being purposely prepared or staged for tourists. Please do wear polite dress while gathering with Hindu worshippers to show your respect to local Balinese people practising thier belief.   


Some villages in Bali will commit Melasti rituals three days before the Nyepi day, but some villages may also conduct Melasti two days before the Nyepi day. This realy depends on the agreement made by the local or traditional village  authorities who set up the dates.




Pangerupukan day falls a day before Nyepi day. This is the time for Hindus in Bali commiting a Tawur Agung ceremony that normally taking place in big crossroad or commonly known as "Perepatan Agung" which is aimed at balancing the universe by serving some offerings to the lower level lives which in Bali known as Bhuta Kala who possesses negative spirits that libale to bother the Hindus applying thier beliefs during the Nyepi Day. 


Currently, the rite of Pangerupukan is followed with parades of Ogoh-Ogoh - giant statues that symbolise the evel spirits that manifestated into thousands of different faces and characters. The Ogoh-Ogoh parades usually started on the dusk time when the sun just goes down until about 11 or 12 o'clock mid night.


Teenagers carry on thier Ogoh-Ogoh around their villages, then they gather in big junctions to perform their actions with other youth organizations which accompanied with traditional Balinese Gamelan to make the "show" more interesting. This is also the best time for the tourists to see the real cultural Balinese show that can be seen almost every corner of the villages in Bali. Please never miss this annual cultural event! Surely, watching Ogoh-Ogoh parades will become one of your most holiday experiences on the island of Paradise - BALI.







Nyepi Day is the peak day of of Caka New Year. The




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