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Goa Lawah Temple


A Unique and Mystique

Bat Cave Temple

in Bali

By I Nengah Subadra PhD

Bali Tourism Directory

Bali, 06 December 2015



BTD Goa Lawah




Goa Lawah Temple is located at Pesinggahan village, Dawan district, Klungkung Regency, approximately an hour’s drive from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali or about 15 minutes from the central town of Klungkung. 



 The name Goa Lawah is derived from two words: goa meaning ‘cave’ and lawah   meaning ‘bat’. It is important to underline that Hindus visiting Goa Lawah Temple do not worship the bats and cave; they worship God, Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa whose manifestation as Dewa Maheswara is believed to reside at Goa Lawah Temple.


 This temple is one of the Sad Kahyangan, the six main temples in Bali, and is situated under a hill known as Bukit Sari, and close to the beach, Pantai Goa Lawah. It is thus believed to possess natural spirits from both the hill and sea.


Goa Lawah Temple’s status as a Sad Kahyangan means that Hindus from all over Indonesia are able to worship in this public temple, without any distinction as to family, caste or geographical background.


From the type of shrine found in the inner courtyard (meru), it is believed that Goa Lawah Temple  was built  by Mpu Kuturan, a Hindu priest during his religious trip to Bali from East Java in about the 11th century.


Goal Lawah Web 


Temple’s Significance

 Since its establishment, Goa Lawah Temple has been used by Hindus in Bali as site of worship, and especially for the nyegara-gunung and meajar-ajar rituals that associated with five major rituals of Hindus in Bali called Panca Yadnya; and also purification rituals.




Temple’s Courtyards


The sacred site of Goa Lawah Temple  is divided into three courtyards according to Tri Mandala: Nista Mandala (outer courtyard), Madya Mandala (middle courtyard) and Utama Mandala (inner courtyard), from the least to the most sacred areas respectively.




Goa Lawah Temple: authentic attractions for authentic experiences



There is no time left to wait for a visit to Goa Lawah temple. Thousands of bats and natural dark cave waiting for you. Grab yours now and get ready to experience authentic attractions of bats living in their native habitat. Goa Lawah temple allows you to see bats directly from a very close distance of two or three metres where you can observe their behaviours hanging on the cave and live naturally with their bat family. These authentic natural attractions can be experienced within the most sacred courtyard of Goa Lawah temple where the temple shrines established.



In addition, (if you are lucky) you will witness the processions of Hindu rituals conducted by local Balinese people within the holiest site of the temple. This will surely enrich your travel experience on the island of Bali to have much better and deeper experience that impressed for a life time. You will really miss this occasion if you have seen one in Bali. This rite is the real soul the island that makes Bali has high divine spirit and vibration raises its mystique sense.



Sacred Bat Watching at Goa Lawah Temple: It would be very fantastic watching authentic natural and cultural tourist attraction at Goa Lawah Temple, Klungkung Bali while you are on holiday on Bali Island. It is a combination between natural phenomenon and cultural surroundings: temple shrines and rituals wherein thousands of sacred bats escaping the cave freely through the cave entrance in the dusk evening or just a while after the sun sets. Please click the picture below to see the bat amazing video.


Goa Lawah agustus 2016



This great moment will enrich your cultural holiday experience as this authentic attraction may only gazed at within the inner courtyard of Goa Lawah temple for less than an hour or until all bats left the cave for foods or enjoy their night lives flying on the paradise island “Bali”. Please watch the Live Video. Remember! This gaze is absolutely amazing; so, don’t miss it!





Temple Management and Anniversary

The authorized care takers of the temple are local people of Traditional Village of  Pesinggahan that responsible to perform regular temple anniversary known as Pujawali that is primarily aimed at preserving the taksu (divine spirit) of Goa Lawah Temple since it may have been impaired  accidentally or purposely by previous worshippers and tourists entering the temple. The anniversary of Goa Lawah Temple falls every 210 days on the day known as Anggara Kliwon Medangsia.



Local Tour Guides at Goa Lawah Temple

There are six local tour guides who are ready to escort you around the temple. They are very friendly and have good knowledge on the temple's significances and rituals taking place in the temple and also speak good English.


All local guides are coming from local traditional village of Pesinggahan-as the care takers of the temple and registered at the temple management and well trained by the temple manager Mr Putu. It is highly recommended to hire one if you need to understand the mystery hidden behind this bat cave temple.


Tourist only needs to give some tippings to the hired local guide as there have not been specific fee applied in this temple. This is the best way as a tourist to contribute economically to local people directly as they receive the money immediately by thier hands. 


 Goa Lawah Web2


Temple Regulations at Goa Lawah Temple

There are some regulations applied by the tourism management of Goa Lawah temple to preserve the sanctity of the temple sites. Therefore, all tourists visiting this temple are obliged to obey the following temple regulations:



Tourists must wear sarong and sash. This aimed to respect Hindu worshippers and also traditions of Balinese that have been practised for hundred years. More importantly to respect the temple that served as a public worshipping site. You do not need to worry about that as the temple management has prepared them at very reasonable price, about 0.5 American Dollar.  



Women on menstruation period is strictly forbidden to enter the temple. Hindus in Bali believe that during this period, women are being in impure condition and liable to taint the sanctity of the temple.



No tourists allowed to climb any of the temple shrines located within the temple sites including outer, middle and inner courtyards. Please note that shrine is the symbol of the god’s house where Hindus serve their offering that dedicated to the god. It would be very sinful and surely disrespect local culture if you do so.



Tourists entering the most sacred courtyard of the temple shall stand behind the worshippers conducting rites. Please never walk in front of the worshippers praying within the inner courtyard.



It is important to behave accordingly and be as quiet as possible to assure that you are not bothering worshippers applying their beliefs in the temple.



If you need to take pictures or record the procession of the rituals, please make sure you are not taking them from very close distance as this may disturb them. Please estimate the appropriate distance that suitable for you. Preferably not using “flash camera” while taking pictures.



Please note that smoking and littering are not allowed in the temple.


These regulations are primarily aimed at preserving the holiness of the temple. Let's help the local people to preserve this temple!   



Site Management: contact person

Mr Putu

Site Manager

Mobile: +6281338426781

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