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  • Gunung Agung Pesangkan Bali I Nengah Subadra
  • Purification of Barong at Masceti Beach, Gianyar Regency, Bali
  • Nusa Penida Island, the sister island of Bali
  • Tomato Farm nearby Batur Lake, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali
  • Mount Agung - the highest mountain in Bali, captured from Pesangkan Village, Karangasem Regency

The Sidemen Villas

The Sidemen Villas is located in Tegal Tawang Village, Sidemen Sub-district, Karangasem Regency. It takes about one and a half hours to reach the villa from the International Airport of Ngurah Rai; or about a 30-minute drive from the central town of Klungkung.


The Sidemen Villas Bali Tourism Directory1

The Sidemen Villas: 2 bed room villas


The Sidemen Villas is sited on the bank of valley where guests can enjoy the beautiful panorama of hills sides and rice terrace down the green valleys. It offers natural fresh air which allow the guest to breath very relaxing.


The Sidemen Villas is located in excellent place and very close  to the main road connecting Klungkung Regency and Karangasem Regency. It is very uncrowded and peacful.


The Sidemen Villas has two large double rooms which can accommodate 4 people on double beds basis. They both are facing to the plunge pool and fertile hills. So, anytime looking out the windows will face the green environment which possibly refresh the guests’ minds and souls. 



The swimming pool facing to the green hills is really relaxing ambience. So, swimming n this pool will refresh your mind and recharge you energy.


The Sidemen Villas Pool Bali Tourism Directory

The Sidemen Villa's Plunge Pool 


The room size is about 6 x 5 metres. It is large enough for two people with all carrying luggage. The rooms are very comfortable and beutiful as they are both facing to the pool and green valley garden.



The Sidemen Villas Bed Bali Tourism Directory Double Bed Room



Additionally, The Sidemen Villas has also a kitchen equipped with kitchen utensils and cutleries where guests can have a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast or afternoon tea like being at “home”. Guest could easily help themselves preparing the meals as their desires.



Each villa room has bath room with shower and bath tub to allow guests relaxing while in the bath room.



The Sidemen Villas has large lush garden which well-maintained that makes the villa garden more interesting and environmentally sustainable. The green grass filled with squared stones as path leading to the Bale Bengong” – an open pavilion where guest can take a nap, chatting and relax around the villa.


The Sidemen Villas Garden Bali Tourism Directory

 The Garden of the Sidemen Villas


The Sidemen Villas employs friendly staff and having great competencies (knowledge, skill and attitude) on hospitality. This will allow tourist to discuss about local culture, religion or other Balinese lives.




Commitments to Global Pandemic

The Sidemen Villas commits to comply international standard of Covid-19 care and safety. This is to ensure all guests staying at the Sidemen Villas are safe and healthy during their stay in. Guest reserving rooms at the Sidemen Villas are obliged to have thermos scanned procedure upon their arrivals at the villas.

Furthermore, the guest must also use hand sanitizer at the entrance gate before entering the villa areas. This measure will make the guests feel comfortable and safe while doing activities within the villa sites.

The Sidemen Villas have also installed some hand washing basins within the villa areas to allow the stay-in guests wash their hands any times of the days to keep their hands clean and free from bacteria.

Another important concern on the global pandemic issue, The Sidemen Villas also supplies free face mask during their stays in the villas. The masks can be used while in the villas and also going around exploring the beauty of Sidemen Village, Karangasem Bali.


Please kindly read the detailed of the international standard of Covid-19 advises here!



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Nusa Penida


Explore and understand the cultures of Bali! Such understanding will certainly rise your awareness on local cultures. Explore, respect and love!






Enjoy marine tourism in Bali where you can enjoy a day cruise in Bali to explore the sister islands of Bali such as Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida which offer you such great views to gaze and also a number of seaside activities such as banana boat ride, snorkelling, diving and swimming. 



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Amazing and challenging activities shall be experienced during your stay on this paradise island. Going with the flow of Bali's clean water along the twisting rivers would become your very impressive holiday experience in Bali while looking at the real river life that environmentally friendly. 





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Biking on the island of paradise will become such a very great experience in your life. This allows you to explore the remote sides of Bali through the villages and bumpy streets where the local people of Bali practise their routines in natural ways. 






Heritage Site in Bali: have you ever visited heritage sites in Bali? It would be very meaningful if you could visit some heritage tourism sites while you are spending holidays on the island. There are a number of sites that offer you such a fascinating heritage that remain to be gazed at to make your vacation on this paradise island more impressive.



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Bali is very popular for its temples. It ranges from family temple to public temple. There are a number of rites as a part of Balinese culture that can be seen while visiting temples across the island so-called "authentic". This would be much greater rather than enjoying staged attractions which purposely performed for tourists. Explore the island and enjoy these unique attractions.






Holiday in Bali will never be boring as there are a number of activities to engage with such as swimming, sunbathing, dolphin watching, relaxing on the beach, or showering in natural hot spring water. These activities will refresh your mind and refine your energy.



Batur Natural Hot Spring Water I NENGAH SUBADRA PHD   


Explore Indonesia - the richest cultural and natural resources in the world with millions of diversities. This is the best place where tourists can gaze at and engage with them while escaping daily routines.







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